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hello-wordcloudHi All!!!

Welcome to our company Valley Wizard corporate web-site. I’ve been entrepreneurial in spirit all my life, but it happened so that most of my lifetime I worked for all sorts of companies with rigid silted structures. I sometimes tried to break and change them. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. But it was always worth the shot.

If you are reading these words, you somehow got to know me, or my company. That is great! I like that. You witness the creation of something big. As all other visionaries a I can’ say for sure where I will be in five years(actually I can, but I am sure that I will give a modest projection and I will be many times ahead event the most brave prognosis.

Valley Wizard was inspired by my beloved wife Hanna Osypenko, who is also the mother of our lovely daughter Mariia. These people had enough patience to let this all happen…

Stay with us! Work with us! Grow and prosper with us! This is our mutual journey, a journey of success.

Let the show begin!

Roman Osypenko,
CEO, Founder

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