Social Media
11If you are not tapping into the rich market of online social media you are missing out on some of the most lucrative opportunities these days. Almost everyone is online and keeping in touch with friends and family. With the help of marketing experts (that know and understand the structure and substance of social media) your promotions and messages can reach millions.

Search Engine Optimization
22Anyone can submit a site and web pages to the major search engines. However, that will not place your site at the top of the listings. People instinctively go to the first items on lists. When a potential customer or client searches for your products or services your website must be at the top of the search results list. A professional marketing service knows what search engines look for and just what it takes to place you above the competition. This can make the difference between success and failure.

Content Marketing
33Most people are online in search of information. The business that can provide that information in an easy to read and understand format, is going to receive the lion’s share of the business. You need a professional writer that understands how to deliver top quality content to the right online sources. This is a good way to brand yourself as an “expert”. You will become a source that people trust for accurate and dependable information, and someone they want to do business with.

Search Marketing
44SEO is all about better listings and search engine marketing or SEM is the complete package. Besides raising your site in the listings, a complete search marketing service explores all of the strategies for increasing your online visibility and getting you recognized by the search sites. For example, you can greatly enhance your marketing efforts with just a few paid ads placed in strategic online areas. Search marketing experts help you take your business to the next level by exploring many online sources.

Email Marketing
55When you think of email marketing you might picture all of those unwanted emails you get each day. This is a result of poor email marketing, and is what happens when inexperienced people with high expectations try to use an important marketing tool. A professional email marketing campaign does not resort to SPAM. Instead, your campaign will be used to contact people that have requested information or are already interested in your products or services. That is how you earn new business and keep your current customers informed of new products, services, and promotions.

Landing pages / call-to-action
66Landing pages are web pages that visitors “land” on after clicking a link. You only have an instant to capture the visitor’s attention and peak their interest, or you can forget about it. You also must include a call to action that will get readers to take the next step by signing up for an email newsletter or additional information. A marketing professional can give you landing pages that not only pique the interest of the reader, they make it simple and easy to request more information.

Lead Management
77Without new business, it is almost impossible to succeed. Lead management is all about exploring every possible source for increasing your business. There are many ways to generate business, such as advertising, promotions, and special campaigns. However, all businesses are different and you might spend all of your resources on a promotional campaign that could flop. A top marketing service researches every aspect of your line of business and comes up with the kind of promotion that is proven to be successful. This service can give you an enormous ROI.

88When you study the details of your website traffic it can help you learn a great deal about the health of your business. However, it takes someone with a lot of marketing knowhow to properly interpret the graphs and charts and numbers. In the right hands, your statistics can be used to examine your past and present, and give you a brighter future. Statistics help you focus your efforts on the right audience, increasing your odds for success.

99Just about anyone can build a website these days. In fact, many services offer free templates, scripts, and images. This may work if you want a generic or “one size fits all” website. People want to do business with professionals and the right website instills confidence. A good Web designer can give you a professional looking site. It will be simple to navigate and easy for your visitors to get what they want. In addition, it will be search engine friendly, and this will get you many more targeted visitors.

Business Consulting
100When your car has problems, a professional mechanic is the right person to see. If there is something wrong with your business, you should contact someone trained in business matters. It could be a combination of several things that are dragging you down, and you might not be able to see these things. Marketing professionals give you a clear and objective look at your business, and they offer effective solutions to your problems. In fact, when you need help and all seems lost, marketing professional can show you the way to success.