Terminus: stainless-steel design radiators

Project name: Terminus: stainless-steel design radiators

Platforms: iOS (ipad), Android  coming soon (tablet)

AppStore description:

The application helps you to create an interior of your bathroom and to choose a towel drying radiator TERMINUS which will fit into it most harmoniously. You will be able to pick up the matching model (hot water towel warmer or electric towel warmer) from TERMINUS catalogue. It will appear immediately on the wall of the created bathroom interior. You will be able to save or send the image by mail directly from the application. The letter will be compiled automatically and will contain the detailed information on the chosen model: cost, sizes, interaxal distance, complete set and other characteristics.

Easy and user-friendly application allows you to choose colors of bathroom walls and floor, choose various furniture and bathroom equipment. This program will be interesting for professionals in the bathroom equipment sphere, for designers, builders, and those who deal with repair and construction.

Client website: http://www.terminus.ru