Legal adviser

Project name:  Legal adviser

Platform: iOS (iphone),


Our app will help:
- to properly assess the legal risks;
- to determine the appropriateness of the trial itself (whether to sue or less “pull the plug” on supervisors claims);
- effectively to optimize taxation and the firm as a whole.

Application will be useful to almost any professional or manager. It is very difficult to avoid collision with the law. Sometimes the company fails to defend its case, sometimes not. You may be threatened, if the balance in the conflict with the state tends not in your favor? Our app will answer this question. An important advantage of this application is to build “on the situation”. You do not even need to look for a suitable formulation of the case – we have already done this for you! The app collected and analyzed the most common violations committed by the leaders of companies and entrepreneurs in practice (voluntarily or involuntarily). But,if you fail to find the answer to the question that worries you, you can just send us an email, and we will make the necessary adjustments to the application as soon as possible.

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